Full Day Photographic Workshop with Drew Gardner
(internationally acclaimed editorial and assignment photographer)
"Delayed-by-Volcano" SPECIAL OFFER
(Drew is stuck here for another week, so here's another workshop!)
“Producing and Lighting Successful Location Shoots”
A full-day workshop to guide students through creating conceptually based editorial, commercial and wedding shoot images from start to finish.
Learn about PLANNING
Creating photographs that stop viewers in their tracks in today’s visually saturated world is an exciting and complex endeavor. In this workshop, internationally renowned assignment photographer Drew Gardner guides students through the steps—from initial concept and pre-production, to shooting, through post-production—that help you get the best results in any situation.
Learn about TECHNIQUES
No matter whom you’re working with, no matter what the budget, Drew shares his approach and techniques that produce the most exciting and effective photographs. Technical discussions and exercises address concrete steps including brainstorming image ideas, creating a set, simple and complex lighting schemes, directing models, shooting, and refining the final image through Photoshop and other post-production techniques. Drew focuses on field craft, especially how to successfully light on location, and how to think on your feet to find creative solutions to unexpected challenges on set.
Throughout the course, Drew leads conversations about the interpersonal skills that are crucial in winning people over to gain their buy-in to your photographic vision. Whether with clients, models, assistants or the myriad other people involved in producing a shoot, the relationships you cultivate throughout the process of executing an assignment are integral to the success of the final image—and have a huge impact on your potential for future assignments.
Guest speaker Katherine Holley takes you through the process of shifting from still to motion images, capturing the moment, and making full use of the video capabilities of many of the newer DSLRs available today.
Participants are encouraged to work with digital cameras, and to bring laptops equipped with Photoshop.
  Workshop Details:   Date: Wednesday 28 April 2010
  Time: 08h30 - 17h00
  Venue: Little Stream, Constantia
  Cost: R1700 (Includes light lunch and refreshments)

Drew Gardner is an award-winning photographer based in the UK with nearly 30 years of experience. After many years as a photojournalist, he now shoots primarily for editorial and corporate advertising accounts, specializing in people and locations.

Drew has traveled worldwide photographing people as diverse as the Bushmen of the Kalahari to the street children of Romania. He has also traveled extensively across Europe and America photographing the zaniest Guinness World Record holders.

During 2009 he released a DVD that takes viewers to the sets of his “Forest” shoots to reveal his innovative lighting techniques.

Visit Drew's website (www.drew.it) and his blog (www.thedarkart.com).
What others in the industry are saying:
"A helluva photographer: an A-lister out of the UK. Drew makes some amazing photos, and has a wonderful sense of humor and whimsy that shows in his work. Drew's world is one of big lights and big ideas. I mean, when is the last time you rented a water buffalo for a shoot?"
- David Hobby, American photographer and lighting specialist | www.strobist.com

"Positively mad, not to mention brilliant. Drew is unstinting in dispensing his considerable knowledge, a genius at controlling huge shoots (fashion models and wild animals, what could go wrong?) and a hoot to boot"
- Joe McNally, internationally acclaimed American photographer | www.joemcnally.com
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