True North takes its responsibilities to protect personal information seriously and is obliged to do so in terms of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act of 2013. It thus encourages all visitors/users/subscribers using and interacting via its online services to read and consider this statement. 


The core purpose of True North’s online presence is to deliver services to our beneficiaries, the pre-schools of Vrygrond and Overcome. With service delivery comes the need to provide information about the work we do in regards to the ECD community of Vrygrond and Overcome Heights and encourage donors to support our initiatives.


True North and Personal Data

  1. True North does not sell any form of personal data to third parties
  2. True North does not share private data outside its organisation without the consent of the data’s owner (unless it is legally obliged to do so.) 
  3. Due to the use of various online systems highlighted below some visitor/user/subscriber data may be stored beyond the borders of South Africa.
  4. True North endeavors to hold the minimum personal information about its visitors/users/subscribers. The data it holds is limited to what is needed to maintain relationships and meet its goals in terms of its programme and operations in Vrygrond and Overcome.
  5. True North has not and will not buy or accept databases of private individuals from third parties. It has built its own databases through personal interactions with those concerned.


To deliver information online True North utilises the following services to deliver information and newsletters:


  1. Website Hosting is hosted on


As True North’s website is hosted under this platform (which is owned by cookies will be placed upon your computer by Automattic. They may track visitor’s interactions with the site as part of its analytics system. More information about what visitor’s data is tracked and retained can be found on . Through WordPresses analytics tools True North can view limited visitor analytics information. This includes IP address, browser, operating system and approximate location. 


  1. Quarterly Digital Newsletter 


True North uses Mailchimp to keep in touch with its audience via email newsletters. Mailchimp has rigorous protocols in place to protect users’ data – you can read more about this here . Mailchimp is based in the USA and as such our newsletters subscribers contact information may be held beyond the borders of South Africa.


Some analytics data is visible to us and this includes information on your approximate location, type of device used, browser used, newsletters opened and links clicked. More detail on this can be viewed here: 


A subscriber’s email address, name and other contact details may be added to the newsletter mailing list if an individual has subscribed themselves, or has asked us to add their details to receive True North’s newsletter, or if the individual has had meaningful interactions with True North in the past and expressed interest in keeping in touch. 


Should any subscriber wish to update their details or unsubscribe from True North’s newsletters there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter. Alternatively if an individual would like to us to update or remove their details manually True North can do so. Please email to request this. 


  1. Fundraising Platforms 


Each of these websites will track users to some extent for security and analytics purposes. The information as to what data they may keep can be found on each websites terms of use and/or privacy policies.


  1. Social Media 


Each of these websites will track users. The information as to what data they may keep can be found on each websites terms of use and/or privacy policies.  Apart from including links to these sites True North can view limited analytics in accordance with the sites’ policies.


  1. Business functions (G-Suite) 


True North uses the G-suite of applications for certain business processes including communications eg. email, data processing and storage. True North’s accounts are secured through strong password protection and antivirus solutions. If True North interacts with an individual via electronic mediums the data the individual has chosen to share with True North will be stored on its systems unless the individual specifically requests deletion of confidential data (and if True North is legally able to delete the data.) 


As mentioned above every online service True North uses has its own independent policies governing their use. True North cannot be held responsible for these websites conduct and/or collection and use of analytics data. If a visitor/user/subscriber has privacy and/or security concerns they can choose to: 


  1. Avoid visiting the above sites altogether
  2. Installing an internet security product that limits tracking
  3. Browsing in an “in private” or “incognito” mode in your browser


Additionally there are a large number of resources available online to educate users on how to browse the web responsibly. True North encourages individuals using online services to read up and become well educated on privacy matters. There is a wealth of information that can be found online in this regard.



If a visitors/users/subscribers has any concerns in regards to anything contained within this document or feel we are not compliant in terms to the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act of 2013 please contact us on or +27 21 702 6102 in order for us to address your concerns personally.