Pre-School Registration Colour Guide

About the PRCG App

Together with the preschools of Vrygrond and Overcome Heights True North  have co-created and used our Pre-school Registration Colour Guide tool (PRCG) for 5 years (2015 -2019). The tool is designed to include our interpretation and lived experience of the current legislative requirements for a pre-school to become registered in South Africa. 

The PRCG does not intend to be a government tool, but merely acts as a guide to support your pre-school and those trying to partner with you towards registration. Furthermore, requirements can change and some are open to interpretation or differ for specific regions or municipalities.

The tool was developed to be specific, measurable and as far as possible removed subjectivity and vague interpretations of requirements. The data we collected over the last 5 years at the pre-schools showed a strong correlation with pre-schools registration status. All pre-schools scoring between 90 and 100% are registered with the Department of Social Development.

The mobile application was developed between 2019 and 2020 with majority funding kindly provided by the HomeChoice Development Trust.


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Why use the Pre-School RCG?

The pre-school RCG is a valuable guide to pre-schools because it contains our interpretation of the registration requirements for different government departments including: Department of Social Development, Property Management,  Transport and Urban Development Authority (including Planning and Building Development Management), City Fire, Environmental Health, City of Cape Town Social Development.

To assist lower income preschools with registration we have grouped the requirements into three stages, blue, green and yellow.

BLUE being an important first step, focusing on basic health and safety issues, the easiest and most cost effective elements to achieve.

GREEN is mostly focused on the governance and administration of a pre-school and can potentially be more difficult to achieve as it requires additional training and support and therefore more costly.

YELLOW requirements include legal infrastructure permissions as well as programmatic and teacher qualifications. This can be the most difficult to attain due to local municipal building bylaws, building costs and the time and training needed for programme implementation and teacher qualifications.

Please Note: 

  • Support – If this page, the FAQs and the Manual have not helped you consider emailing us at for assistance.
  • The addendums serve to be a further resource with examples of various things, but again not all relevant documents are always available or recent, but merely serve as a point of reference.
  • You are able to access the addendums on the app/mobile phone but also find other helpful information here.
  • Privacy – while we endeavour to hold as little of your personal information as possible, data entered in this app can be viewed by True North and its developers. Please review our Privacy Policy for more detailed information. If at any time you wish to delete your account you can do so using one of the following options:
    – In the app by clicking on “View your profile” at the top of the Home Screen then selecting “Delete My Profile” on the My Login Page. or,
    – Email us at from the email address associated with your PRCG account with a subject line “Delete my PRCG account”. Please include your pre-schools name too in the body of the email. We will thereafter delete your account as swiftly as possible and reply with an email confirmation once complete.
  • You can complete the process and a report will be sent to your chosen e-mail address.
  • You can interact with the app as many times as you like during the year but a final score will be saved on your behalf at the end of the year (31st December) to enable you to see year on year progress through the process. 
  • Notifications will be sent out periodically to encourage you to reflect and continue to persevere.
  • If you found this app helpful please consider donating to our organization to help us improve our efforts.